My Work

iPhone apps I have been involved with:


  1. ) Fathead Big Shot  
  2. Learning A-Z Quizroom 
  3. Styker Surgical iPad app
  4. U of M Mott’s Hospital Tile Project App
  5. U of M-Dearborn College Radio Station app
  6.  Monarch Express
  7. Upto
  8. Protean
  9. Path
  10. Dominos Pizza App
Companies I have worked for:

  1. Apple
  2. Detroit Labs
  3. Path
  4. Wayne State University
  5. Rock City Apps
  6. Protean

Past Projects:

“Grow Your Own Gas: Making Cellulosic Ethanol From Common Biomass”

This won third place overall in chemistry at Intel ISEF 2009 in Reno, NV.


Untitled, using MATLAB to find the most economical production method of cellulosic ethanol on an industrial scale.

2 thoughts on “My Work

  1. Just thought it might be an interesting article for you to blog on, free youtube music downloads. You’ve probably heard of it, it’s really only good for any ipods low tech(not itouch or ipads), but my friend has it for his ipod nano and it seems to really work well. It’s basically just a click and drag download once you’ve downloaded the program. You just click on the url and drag into your itunes. Quite simple and easy for those who do not own a itouch, ipad, or iphone.

    • This would be a good topic….thanks!
      I have heard of many programs that allow you to get free music by ripping the audio off a youtube video.

      Expect a post up in a week or two!

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