Thank you, California.

Goodbye California. You were awesome.

Thank you Kleiner Perkins and Path for hosting and teaching me. Nothing can describe how much I have learned from this entire experience.
I met so many awesome people this summer, and was able to hang out with a ton of friends.

Path – You were awesome. I was able to learn about the true value of a building a high quality product. Path provided a window into a culture that sits at the intersection of art (design) and engineering (server + iOS). When these two disciples are mixed correctly and have the right leadership, beautiful things are built. Path is that product. Even though I still like dot syntax for Objective-C…

Kleiner Perkins – The connections you provided for us were simply incredible. All of the various tech talks and events were tons of fun. Thank you so much Andy Chen for this experience. Being able to spend time with tech legends was awesome.

To Randy, Alice, Joao, Aki, and Arash: You guys were a ton of fun. You were all very smart and great to work with. I hope we get a chance to work together soon.

Thanks to everyone at Teens in Tech. I really enjoyed speaking! Hopefully those listening actually enjoyed my rambling.


Finally, it was awesome being able to hang out with so many friends from school + online out here.

Goodbye summer.

Now. Sophomore year…

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