Unlike 2011 and 2012, 2013 was less of a year of new things. This past year was a year of focus and learning. By now, I have settled into college life, and have already lived and worked in the Bay area for two summers. I am no longer a teenager, and have entered my twenties. Overall, I spent more time working and thinking, and became more deeply involved in what I did in my everyday life – whether it be relationships and friendships, software engineering, or schoolwork.  

I spent less time on social sites, and instead spent more time reading. I took more of an initiative to keep my things organized and my room clean. The past few years were focused on breadth – more people, more topics, more adventures, etc. This year I still had those interests, but instead had more of a focus on depth – really learning about my friends, taking time to learn computer science and what it takes to be a good software engineer, reading up on music, coffee, etc. Instead of wasting a ton of time on Facebook , constantly refreshing the page to see if any friends posted a new picture or if I have a new notification, I would spend time looking up bands I liked, or reading more technical websites on computer science and programming. I found myself wanting to spend more time with a smaller group of friends, rather than spend my time at larger parties or events with lots of people I only barely knew.

It was a good year. I was able to spend a summer at Apple in California working on iOS as an intern. It looks like I even (hopefully) got a patent out of it. I drank a lot of coffee and talked to a lot of cool people.

2014 will be interesting. I will be entering my final years of college, and be turning 21. I am excited.

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