Thoughts about Twitter vs. Facebook.

I just have couple things I want to say about Twitter vs. Facebook, because I think that still many people do not understand which one is better for them personally to use. First, people must understand that Twitter is completely built upon the concept of PUBLICLY sharing info, thoughts, and ideas. Twitter is not the private status updating like Facebook. When somebody is “following” you on twitter, they do not have  to be somebody you have met before, unlike “adding a friend” on Facebook. If you cannot understand that concept, and if you are uncomfortable with all these “strangers” following your thoughts and ideas than please do not use twitter, and stick to Facebook. This is the main reason Twitter is not popular among most high school students. Twitter is not for you and your 20 or 30 friends to have quick convos. Twitter is open,and public, and you must remember that anytime you update your status. You should never be like “eww who is this guy and why is he following me?” Unless you change your privacy settings, it is your fault completely that these “strangers” are following your tweets. Stick to Facebook if you don’t want others you do not know following your thoughts and ideas.

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