The Potential of Mobile Augmented Reality

Imagine this. Picture seeing a person’s online facebook, twitter, or myspace profile as you talk to them in real life. Picture being able to see their interests they have listed and all their mutual friends. Now imagine this as soon as you see somebody in real life; as you walk by somebody, all of this information will just pop into your vision, or even into your head. Some find this absolutely terrifying. However, I find this extremely important and beneficial

Essentially what will happen is our physical surroundings will become our web browser. Think about this. Really imagine this. How awesome would this be. As we drive, walk, or ride a bike google maps information pops up around us. As we buy something in a store, we could compare prices with other stores instantly. As we read a book, we could read other people’s blogs and interpretations of the text. This, my friends, is augmented reality, and it will soon be here.

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