A Transformed Generation….

As I continue to grow up and interact with more and more people, I have truly discovered that my entire generation has been shaped by the internet. If you really think about it, another world besides our physical one on earth exists. The digital world has new rules, new systems of governments(lawmaking), cultures, etc. The digital culture is known worldwide, and cannot be escaped. Some say this is an awful thing. I, however, feel that this digital world only improves our physical life and world.

Take a step back and think of how much the Internet impacts our lives. For me, I simply would be an entirely  different person without the Internet. The Internet develops us as humans, and is hinting at the next step in human evolution. Technology continually merges with everyday human life, expanding our accessible knowledge from whatever we learned from our family or in school, to trillions of ideas from trillions of sources in a second or two. We should stop thinking of the internet as a network of machines, but rather a network of human knowledge. We must begin to approach the Web like this.

Google, yahoo, and bing only take the web as an amazing network of machines. At the moment, this is perfectly fine for what we need. However, soon these search engines will not be able to really allow us to see the potential of what the Internet can offer. We will need a search engine that thinks more like we think, we need to be able to index the web as one might index their brain, we need to stop approaching the web as an idle mass of server data and rather approach it as a living, evolving body of human knowledge.

One thought on “A Transformed Generation….

  1. So I’ll guess I’ll comment on this before going to bed (10pm in France haha).

    First off, you changed your blog again; I’ll have to get your old one out of my favorites.

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement. Humans adapt to their environment and surroundings. Our interests and dependency towards technology is normal.

    It seems like the older we get, the more outdated we are because of the mass amount of inventions and updates in the world; more so during the times before computers and game consoles (yea our parents’ time). This would explain parents’ caution towards our doings…they believe that just because they know nothing about these “new things”, that their kids shouldn’t either.

    This is not only false, but harmful to a child’s understanding of the modern era/day. These technologies are there for a reason; to learn to use them, they are useful and there to take advantage of. Don’t mis-understand the meaning. I’m not saying kids should HAVE to have these things, but it’s more helpful than bad if they did. But honestly think about it, instead of saying “Hey John do you have a cell phone?” people are going to start saying “Hey John, what’s your cell #”. (and if he doesn’t have a cell phone?) Where does a person stand when they aren’t “modern”?

    …and that’s where your “entirely different person” would come into play. Yes, the internet is dangerous and can have a bad impact on someone’s social life. But doesn’t every new thing have something dangerous about it? Let’s go way back to the inventor of the knife, do you think he created such a tool knowing that one day someone was going to stab another person? No, he thought it was useful. But people loved the invention and still do haha!

    Let me quick comment your statement about search engines. The era of “keywords” must come to an end. The information is there but it’s not always easy to access it because “ya just can’t find the answer your looking for”. I await the day when a search engine can read your mind 🙂 No more Yahoo Answers!!!

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