“Personas” for Mobile Devices

Alright so everyday we use devices that have the potential to teach us nearly anything we want to learn through the power of the internet. Yet, we are unable to use these miraculous devices in our place of education – school. Yes, I am talking about cell phones, ipod touches, PMP’s, etc.

This problem can be solved through a changing interface called a Persona. Basically what happens is the UI of the device changes based on your geographical location. So, the second you walk into school, the device’s main interface changes into an educational device. The second you walk out of school, the UI allows the device to once again become your link to your favorite social networks and the open internet.

This concept can be extended upon. For example, the second you walk into  a store, your device changes into your own personal ATM. When you are driving, your device will turn into your tour guide. This is the first realistic step towards  augmented reality. This will be here soon. ….hey maybe i should patent this……. 😉

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