Will Someone Please Invent This?

Alright so here is my idea/problem/cry:

Lets say I want to invite all my phone contacts to go see a movie. Right now this is only possible by sending a SMS message to all of those individual numbers. This is slow, inefficient, and annoying. Some may say the concept of broadcasting your status is worn out, overused, and already done. I, however, still think there is one huge area of development regarding status updates.

Yes Twitter and Facebook can broadcast your status to your Friends in a matter of seconds, but what if you only wanted a select group of people to see your status. What if your status was actually important and you didn’t want to just throw another sentence into the constant stream of status updates online?

There needs to be a way through cell networks to broadcast a “status” ,or pretty much a public text message, to just the people that you consider your closest friends. (pretty much the people who even have your number in the first place)

One thought on “Will Someone Please Invent This?

  1. Good idea. I’ve had the same problem. I was thinking about that before.

    I really like the services and applications that are designed to target your actual friends. Twitter, and even Facebook have turned into a place with way to many friends. It renders it useless as an extension to actual life.

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