Why Apple Continues to Grow, while Microsoft Falls (and where linux fits into this mess)

There is a simple reason why Apple is currently dominating the tech market. Apple designs products for real, everyday people. Most people do not care if they can overclock their CPU, upgrade their ram using whatever brand of ram they want, or if they can customize the motherboard. People want technology that is simple, looks amazing, and works whenever they need it to. As more and more normal (non-computer geek) people need to be connected to the Internet or use a computer, they make the obvious choice to buy Apple products. They do not want to deal with viruses, drivers, and BSOD’s. Apple has shown with their products’ success that it does not take a computer science major to set up a computer, phone, or handheld computer. People do not mind paying the price for quality products that have been beautifully designed on the hardware, OS, and software levels. Also, Apple still has their visionary and founder in charge, Steve Jobs, while Microsoft’s Bill Gates has let Steve Ballmer simply ruin the company. Although these companies have matured and developed over the years, these companies need the original entrepreneurial genius of their founders.

Microsoft’s main use is in the workplace. This is fine. Microsoft products work fine in offices, large corporations, etc. (If they are willing to pay for an entire IT staff to fix their problems)
Microsoft Windows is simply not appealing to people. Most people end up buying Windows computers since they are usually cheaper, they have never heard of anything else, or they need it for work. Microsoft is a software company, not an all encompassing computer company like Apple. This is obvious in the products. Apple = stable devices with no issues related to hardware interfacing with software. Microsoft = instabilities resulting from driver issues, hidden viruses, etc. Microsoft will continue to decline.

Linux is an interesting thing to discuss, especially since Google has put Android Linux onto millions of smartphones worldwide. I personally love Linux, but it is simply not ready for the average computer user. Linux will continue to grow as developers continually make it more user friendly. Ubuntu has come a long way in the past few years. I think Android has set an example of what desktop linux’s potential can be.

12 thoughts on “Why Apple Continues to Grow, while Microsoft Falls (and where linux fits into this mess)

  1. I feel the need to say a little bit more about Microsoft. Yes, their dominance in the workplace is indisputable, but you fail to mention that the majority of home computers are running a Windows OS. Apple would have stronger support if their products weren’t so overpriced, which doesn’t make sense to me, i.e. I can build a pc an i7 processor, 12GB DDR3 RAM, a great graphics card, SSD, overclock it all, and still save about a $500 compared to buying a mac. Now sure, as you said, most people don’t understand the specs I just listed, but think of it this way: would you rather drive a cute Ford Focus with sync and nice on gas (Mac) or drive a Ford Shelby GT 500 (Windows) manual, of course. That last comment is important because not everyone knows how to drive a stick. But sir, when you learn how to use a machine as beautiful as that, you are king of the world.

    I’m not hating against Apple exactly. I just wanted to clarify a few things :]

    • Most people don’t even know the difference between Windows and Mac. They go with what they have always. I personally feel that if more people knew more about linux and Mac, many more people would choose to not use Windows. People are willing to pay for products that are more dependable.

    • Keep in mind that when you build your own computer or buy one at a $400 price point, you are unlikely to get things like complimentary customer service or support, which Apple provides. If you walk into any Apple Store in the world with a relatively recent Mac, you can free support at the Genius Bar.

      When comparing two computers on hardware specs and price alone, Macs do look overpriced. But when you consider all the extra things that Apple throws in that a typical manufacturer won’t in order to hold down price, a Mac’s price isn’t so bad.

      That is what is attracting average computer users to the Mac, IMO.

  2. I completely agree with Ash. you make a valid point, i wouldnt mind having a mac…but i am not willing to shell out sub $2000 for a computer…look at it this way..i could spend $700 tops on a laptop with those specs listed above, and pocket the extra $1300. macs are just way to overpriced. i just bought a laptop, windows 7, i5 core, 500GB, 4GB ram, intel graphics card (512MB), 16′ HD screen, and all the small fancy accessories you can get…the price.. $750. Microsoft got my business…

    • Yeahh I have no problems with my windows 7 pc, and it’s a beast for $1000.

      I was going to say more but I read your post a while ago and don’t remember any of it and don’t feel like rereading it.

    • Try pricing out a metal body Windows laptop with the same specs as a Macbook. You will be amazed. Plus you get the iLife suite and do not need to buy anti-virus software. Also the hardware is much,much better. How many times have you had hardware issues with your older laptops?

  3. I hope you know that in this economy, not everyone can shell out $1000 bucks to buy a laptop. You probably can because you family has money, or you make much. But I hope you have taken a stroll down to some inner city place and see how people live. Visit a soup kitchen or the Salvation Army and see how people are trying to live day to day. Those people can barely afford a laptop, not to mention a overpriced Mac. Okay, to be on the more middle class side. Netbooks and affordable laptops are the best. Why? Because they allow student’s whose family can barely afford to pay for colleges to get a laptop for their children. Please think about people who make money less than you. Microsoft is great in that it keeps companies afloat and students alive. If companies turned to Macs, chances are they are all going to be bankrupt and you probably won’t be writing this. Microsoft allow companies to get affordable laptops in bulk purchases.

    • My family is not rich. nor am I. However, I did save up the money I do make for a fairly long time because I personally feel Apple products are worth the investment. The rich Mac user stereotype needs to die. I am an average middle class person who just cares about the technology I use, and am willing to pay more for a product that I know will work. For most people, Microsoft products are perfect fine.

    • Do you have an Xbox 360? What is that, $300? Then the games are $60 each. Then you need an Xbox Live account, and thats $20 a month, so over the course of 6 months you’ve spent $120 just on Xbox Live. Say you have 5 games. All together, that’s $720.

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