The Best iOS apps for Students

1.) Task PRO – Great app for managing homework and day to day tasks! Also, syncs with Toodledo, allowing the calendar data to be exported in many forms, including .ics.

2.) Penultimate – Simply the best app for taking notes in class. Allows for easy sharing of notes with others as well. Works beautifully with any stylus as well. (I prefer the Boxwave stylus.)

3.)  Dropbox – Yes, it really is that magical. Dropbox presents the best way to manage files between your computer and iOS device.

4.) Wolfram Alpha – This should explain itself. Go ahead and look at the samples included in the app and let your mind be blown.

5.) DocsToGo – One of the best word processors on the App Store. Plus, DocToGo flawlessly syncs with Google Docs and Dropbox which is practically a necessity. (for me at least…)

6.) Pulse – Not exactly an app for school, but this app allows you to keep track of new facebook posts, tweets, and any site you wish to add. Truly a great app to quickly catch up on the news.

7. Monarch Express – This app presents a way to quickly post an update to your blog or Facebook or Twitter very quickly…often a necessity when you are limited for time but want to send an update to your friends.

8.)  Stanza – Yes, sure there is iBooks, but from my experience this is simply the best ebook reader for iOS. The app supports nearly any format of book and allows you to download books from huge databases of free books. (such as Project Gutenberg.)

If anyone has suggestions for me to add, just comment on this post! I know this list is limited…

3 thoughts on “The Best iOS apps for Students

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