Not sure what to title this….

Alright guys I want some feedback on this post. I want to know whether you agree or disagree with my opinion.  I personally feel that technology, especially the internet, has made our schools much more difficult than when our parents attended school. The quest for constant knowledge has allowed huge research assignments once of a scale that only a graduate level student could complete seem acceptable to assign to a honors or AP student in high school. So yes students are becomming smarter, but what are the other side effects? Personally I feel that they are not so good. With higher expectations imposed on students incredible amounts of stress are created.  These constant high levels of stress drive students’ intrests away from schoolwork, and “turn them off” to various academic fields, espcially math and science. Also, the extrodinarily high expectations of students eventually become so overwhelming that most students become indifferent to performing poorly in school. Students constantly search out new ways to waste time and escape the mountains of stress on their backs.  When these students enter into the workforce these bad time wasting methods, which have been perfected through high school and college, greatly slow down productivity.  Everything is a related chain – the reason my generation is characterized as having ADHD and other such attention disorders is due to the extremly fast changing information steam that is the Internet. The reason the Internet is so popular is due to the fact that it provides a simple, powerful, and useful distraction from school related stress, and it itself is the main tool we rely on for education.

4 thoughts on “Not sure what to title this….

  1. I agree.

    School is definitely harder for me because there is so much technology to act as a distraction.

    Though, on some levels, it might just be that the stuff that we are able to do on the internet is legitimately more important than school.

    For our parents, school was very important because all respectable jobs—lawyers, doctors, etc—required a good education.

    Now, it’s possible for teens to jump right into their prospective careers by joining sites like Twitter where they can be part of the community.

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